ISO 9001:2008


Exclusive Agent for PODEM
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ISO 9001:2008


Exclusive Agent for PODEM

for PODEM Company

Ashoor Group is approved partner of Podemcrane,
Bulgaria. is appointed as distributor for turkey and iraq.

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Our company has 30 years of experience for the overhead cranes originally from Europe, matching the market specifications, Moreover our activity involve the industrial equipment’s, construction of water treatment plants and the industrial pumps.

  • Conducting feasibility studies for projects with engineering experience, as we worked before with several factories
  • Installing production lines such as plastic recycling and a carton recycling line with a production capacity of 50 tons per day
  • Sandwich Panel production line
  • Lighting poles production line
  • Iron poles production and welding line
  • Tomato paste production line Request a quote.


With a successful European partnership to produce water treatment plants according to European specifications and studies approved by the Water Directorate of Turkey. It has also implemented several projects in Iraq for the production of water treatment units, and it obtained the best level to guarantee our work and after-construction services.


ASHOOR GROUP For General Trading is a group of companies specialized in Overhead Crane System, Electric & Manual Chain Hoists, Lifting & Warehousing Equipment’s, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Welding & Cutting Equipment’s & Accessories; Pipe Cutting

Moreover, what makes us unique in the market is the one-stop shop experience that we offer to our clients as well as our fully-equipped and professional after sales service.

As regards the Overhead Cranes system, we are the Sole Agent for excellent manufacturer from Bulgarian , which recently completed the production of Electrical Chain Blocks in addition to the Wire Rope Hoists.


We help hardware startups integrate technology, scale and desirability without compromise